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Treasure Island

OK, I should start by saying this is another classic that I do not know, although I do believe I started to read it once.  I remember something about apples, and that you come to your destination when there are no apples left in the barrel.  But as far as I recall the story began on a ship, and this adaptation certainly doesn’t.

It spends most of its length on land, at the Admiral Benbow Inn.  There is a treasure map, and Long John Silver, and Jim Hawkins.  In the second last instalment they all finally get onto a ship, and in the final one they sight land just as Jim gets an apple from the bottom of the barrel (which makes me think I did start reading the novel).  But that’s it.  They see Treasure Island and they are done.

Which leads me to think (nay, hope) that the novel continued past this point, and the serial was just abandoned.

As with Ivanhoe, there are pictures with narration across the bottom, not real dialogue.  The art is not bad, but the artist chose very dull stuff to illustrate at times.  There is one page that consists of nothing but people walking and meeting each other.  No wonder they don’t even land before it ends.


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