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Scribbly is a humour series, one I am only covering because of the eventual appearances of the Red Tornado in it, but I do have to admit it is a delight to read.  Sheldon Mayer`s semi-autobiographical strip about a 13 year old boy, newly arrived in the city, who gets a job as a newspaper cartoonist.

We meet his struggling and no-nonsense mother, and tormenting younger brother Dinky.  Daphne, the girl at school he likes also debuts in issue 1.  Issue 3 introduces Ma Hunkel, and her children Huey, an aspiring writer and Scribbly`s new best friend, and Sisty, the younger sister.

The Hunkels are behind the `famous midget cartoonist`scam in issues 5 and 6 that first gets Scribbly hired at the newspaper.

One of the things I like best about Scribby is the use of his comic, Why Big Brudders Leave Home.  We occasionally see it in print in the paper in the stories, but each page of Scribbly has a small insert of the comic itself, showing the varied ways Dinky torments Scribby.  As well, the reader was encouraged to send in things from their own experiences, paid $1 if the idea was used, and given credit.

Scribby continues in the Early Golden Age

Scribbly:  All-American  1- 9  (Apr – Dec 39)

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