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Mr. Chang

Mr. Chang is painfully obviously a take off of Charlie Chan, but without the family.  He wears asian robes, but is shown speaking clearly, unlike his servant Wu, who says things like “servant velly glateful for words of praise flom masta.”  Chief of Detectives Daniels calls him in on the first case, but Mr. Chang calls Daniels to report a murder in the second, so their relationship is reciprocal.

Mr. Chang’s first case involves opium dealers, who turn out to be white men selling to asians.  The second case has Mr. Chang’s car break down in a storm outside a house where a bunch of potential heirs are squabbling over a fortune.  His final story has him pitted against a mad scientist who causes car accidents so he can take the injured people and drain their blood, which he is using to create a race of giants.  So although it ran only three instalments, there was a lot of variety in this strip.

Mr. Chang makes really good guesses, which might be considered observation and deduction if they were explained in any way. He carries some deadly looking asian weapons, but these aren’t big fighting stories either.  Nothing much remarkable about this.


Mr. Chang:  Detective Comics 2 (Apr 37), 4 (June 37),  6 (Aug 37)

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