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In the Wake of the Wander

In the Wake of the Wander features Captain Grim and his present day adventures in the south Pacific.  He appears to be in the US navy, though we will eventually learn that his seafaring days began in British navy.

Issues 3 – 15 relate a tale of tribal warfare and “the death that leaves no mark”, on the island of Nessing.  Captain Grim learns of an entire crew that has gone missing on the island, and heads to investigate.  There is a white trader, Filson, working with the under-chief, Kango, to overthrow Djenal, the leader of the island, but the reasons behind the actions of the characters is never really explained.

The series changes title somewhat for its last few instalments, becoming Sea Gold, as Captain Grim recounts a story from his youth on a Britis masted ship.  It builds towards a mutiny story, but the series concludes before the storyline does.

A shame, I really like the title In the Wake of the Wander.  Wish I could rave about the series itself, but I can’t.


In the Wake of the Wander: New Fun 3 – 6 (Mar – Oct 35)

More Fun 7 – 19 (Jan 36 – Mar 37)

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