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Cap’n Jerry

Cap’n Jerry is a pleasant little strip about a sailor and his buddy Charlie, living on an island in the south seas.  They trade with the native for pearls, and protect them from thieves, and a lifeboat full of gamblers.

The first two stories are run of the mill, nice art though.  The third and final story feels so weird, like there is some odd joke going on.  A lifeboat washes up on shore, and then men on it all survived the sinking of a gambling boat, and try to get the natives to gamble away the pearls.  Feels like there is social commentary here, although it really doesn’t play it that way.

I am surprised this series had such a short run.  The stories were not great, but certainly no worse than others, and the art was on the whole better.


Cap’n Jerry:  More Fun Comics  32 – 34 (June – Aug 38)

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