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2023: Super Police

2023: Super Police is a science-fiction serial featuring Rex Cosmos, with his sidekick Axel Yoke, scientist Professor Shanley and his daughter Joan, pitted against “wizard-pirate” Captain Kiddlaw.

Rex jets around in the Hi-Lo, which uses cosmic rays to produce a vacuum that allows the craft to fly through the air, and also under water.  Having little comprehension of science myself, I think that sounds feasible.

But the remarkable Hi-Lo is no match for the evil Kiddlaw, who manages to capture Rex and the gang, imprisoning the professor while romancing Joan, and letting Rex and Axel fall to their apparent deaths from his mountain top base.

Rex and Axel survive, landing on a convenient ledge, and finding not only a cave, and an underground river, but also a boat which takes them to where Kiddlaw keeps his other prisoners, who have gone crazy.  They are ruled by the Queen of Fortune, who turns out to be Kiddlaw’s former girlfriend Renee, who has been dumped now that Joan is around.

Renee tries to force Rex into marriage, but her plan fails.  Rex gasses Kiddlaw and his crew in an attempt to rescue Joan, but the serial is dropped at this point – so likely Renee lied about the effects of the gas, and Rex inadvertently kills them all.


2023: Super Police:  New Fun 1 – 6 (Jan – Oct 35)

More Fun 7 – 14 (Jan – Oct 36)

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