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Skip Schuyler

Skip Schuyler heavily promotes a connexion to the serial Golden Dragon, the first 5 chapters headline that it is by the same writer.  And yeah, it is.  Ian Murray, the hero of Golden Dragon, appears on the first page,now married to Doris, running into his old friend Skip Schuyler, but that is basically a gratuitous cameo, there is nothing about this series that reminds one of Golden Dragon.

Skip Schuyler is a lieutenant with army intelligence, and is also a pilot.  He lives on base, at Fort Morrison.  We learn in issue 39 that he graduated from West Point, but that is really the extent of what we learn about Skip.  39 also introduces us to his friend Rusty Bellows, a fellow soldier at the fort, but we never see him again.

Skip prevents foreign spies from stealing airplane plans in his first story, and then heads to Vendazia, in South America, to, in his own words “save the government of Vendazia for the American bankers and industrialists.”  He kills Pancho Velez, the leader of the revolutionaries, but I didn’t feel like cheering for the bankers and industrialists.

The following issue, the aforementioned 39, has a very odd tale, as the New York Yankees decide to play a benefit game against the army, and Skip is guilted into being the pitcher by his old friend, who is unaware of Skip’s shoulder injury from a football game.  The New York Yankees win, but Skip does a bang-up pitching job, facing off against Lou Gehrig.

He then heads to Hawaii to protect the scientist who created a formula for a new explosive, and aids a retired officer against cattle rustlers, sails to China, and in his best story helps a boy caught amidst bombing to find his mother.

Then Skip is back at Fort Morrison, for the filming of a movie, The General’s Daughter, where he intentionally acts like a jerk to the actors, before saving the female lead in an impressive jump from seaplane to motorboat.

After pilot Peter Wade goes missing in the arctic, Skip and soldier Bob Drake fly north to investigate, and Skip’s only two parter would just be so disgustingly racist, with a waitress giving a long diatribe about a “drunken eskimo'” who turns out to have taken the injured Peter back to his igloo and taken him into the ground, all out of hatred of white men.

He gets one final tale, in which he meets a girl at an Officer’s Club in Shanghai.  She gets kidnapped for no apparent reason, but he rescues her.

Such a weird, wandering series.  The offensive stuff would not have seemed so to the general reader at the time, but even still this series in no way should ride on The Golden Dragon’s tail.


Skip Schuyler:  Adventure Comics  37 – 46  (Apr 39 – Jan 40)

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