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Sandor and the Lost Civilization

Set in northern India, this is a Tarzan take-off, more or less, with Sandor, a white man raised by wild dogs.

The Rajah Marajah is out to kill him, though we never find out why he hates him so.  There may have been a reason in the writer’s mind, there is a mysterious letter in the Rajah’s vault that has something to do with Sandor, but despite 21 issues, no one ever finds this letter or reveals its contents.

Sandor has a number of animal allies who fight for him.  Eleka the dog, Agra the lion and Awla the elephant all play a part in his adventures.  He also has a number of human allies – Benar the fakir, Jadev the spy, as well as the High Priest and Leopard Tamer.  In fact, the Rajah only has nameless soldiers and guards fighting for him, everyone else is on Sandor’s side.  We never find out what Sandor has done to gain such loyalty, though the Rajah’s tendency of throwing people who displease him into the crocodile pit may have something to do with it.

The art is quite good on the strip, and the story starts pretty strongly.  Sandor gets captured briefly by the Rajah, but is freed by his dogs.  Elaka and Benar are captured and brought to the palace in issue 7, and the action moves there from the jungle, but gets bogged down in an endless series of thefts, disguises, trap doors, secret passages and plots.  One keeps hoping for that damn letter to be read so that all of this will take on meaning, but that just doesn’t happen.

The series ends without even a good cliff-hanger I can make fun of.  I guess Sandor just gets bored of it all and sneaks out of the palace through one of the many secret passageways and goes back to the jungle, living out his days with his animal buddies and never learning what was in the letter or how a white kid wound up getting raised by dogs in northern India in the first place.


Sandor:  New Comics 5 – 11 (June – Dec 36)

New Adventure Comics  12 – 26  (Jan 37 – May 38)

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