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Hope Hazard, G-Woman

This series is a puzzlement.  Hope Hazard, G-Woman begins as a serial about an FBI agent, but runs only one instalment in Detective Comics.  When it returns, nearly a year later and in the pages of More Fun Comics, Hope Hazard is the daughter of a retired secret service agent, and an amateur sleuth.

The first story has missing airplanes and a mad scientist, Xavier, King of the Underworld in a beautifully drawn cave with all his followers.  Hope and her pilot, Bill Littlejohn, are in danger of being caught by them, but this cliffhanger is just dropped when the series returns.

To make things even more curious, in December of 37 (between the two stories), in New Adventure Comics  22 there was a one-issue tale,  G-Woman, about a blond FBI agent.  Given the change in artist, this could be meant to be Hope Hazard, but her name is Justine Justis.  She is also described as the “only female agent” on the force.  Now, the art in this seems to be indicating the 20s or early 30s, maybe.  The time is never specified, and perhaps its just the artists style, but I do get the feeling this is not a “contemporary” story.

So here we have Hope Hazard, G-Woman and not G-Woman, with a pilot or with her dad, who maybe is also Justine Justis.

And if you can make more sense of this than I did, good for you.


Hope Hazard:  Detective Comics 3 (May 37)

More Fun  30 (Apr 38)

G-Woman:  New Adventure Comics 22  (Dec 37)

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