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Midshipman Dewey

Midshipman Dewey is a young boy on the sloop Hornet, in a series set before the American Civil War.  In the very first instalment, the ship is attacked by pirates, lead by Dorgan, and as the series progresses half the crew of the Hornet mutiny and join Dorgan.  Jack Dewey is captured, but freed by Captain Smith and helps fight off the pirates and mutineers.

A merchant ship arrives, the Falcon, under the command of Captain Hale, who requests Dewey join his crew and the Hornet accompany them, to keep them safe from Dorgan and his men.  It turns out Hale is working with Dorgan, and somehow thought that Dewey would be of use to him in Savannah, to get the guns he is smuggling past the guards there, though how this was to occur is unclear, and irrelevant, as Dewey learns what is going on and alerts Captain Smith.

Hale and the Falcon escape the pursuing Hornet and head to Africa to pick up a load of slaves, and Hale gives Dewey to Haggen, the leader of the slavers, to take with him upriver.  The slavers are attacked by a tribe (called the Leopard Men) and Dewey is captured.  At the end of the last instalment, the Leopard Men plan to sacrifice Dewey, and I guess that is what happened to the poor kid.

The abrupt ending makes this series a real downer.  I call for a minute of silence in respect for the brief and tragic life of Midshipman Jack Dewey.


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