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A Tale of Two Cities

Yet another adaptation of a classic I have never read, but I do know the opening line, which is not “During the year 1775 such was the discord in England that robberies occurred nearly every night London.”

Not having read the story, I am not 100% certain my feelings about this adaptation are on target, but it seems to go into greater detail as the story progresses.  The early chapters, particularly the British trial of Charles Darnay, are so rushed and poorly explained that I had to guess at what was going on.  Once the French Revolution broke out, the story took on a more leisurely pace, and the characters and their motivations had more depth.

In brief, there’s this French guy who thinks his aristocratic uncle is a jerk, so he renounces his fortune and goes to England.  He is put on trial due to shady actions by the uncle, but found innocent because he really looks like a British guy.  The French guy marries this chick that the British guy loves, so the British guy just gets drunk and feels shitty.  The French Revolution breaks out, and the French guy is tricked to coming back to Paris, where he is put on trial.  His wife follows him and her dad, who happened to be a prisoner in the Bastille in the past, manages to get him out, but he gets arrested again because someone in his family raped the sister of scary Madame DeFarge.  This time he is headed for the guillotine, but the British guy shows up just in time, they trade places, and the British guy gets his head chopped off while the French guy escapes with his wife and daughter and father in law.  Madame DeFarge gets shot by the maid.

And at least it does end with the other line I know, “Ìt`s a far far better thing I do now..”

The art is pretty good, fairly simple.  The only time it seemed glaringly wrong was the large panel of a brightly lit, spacious prison room, over the narration that refers to the “gloomy prison twilight” of the “low vaulted chamber.”

As with the other novel adaptations, this is pictures with narrative, not word balloons.

A Tale of Two Cities:  New Comics 4 – 11 (Apr – Dec 36)

New Adventure Comics  12 –  25  (Jan 37 – Apr 38)

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