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Henri Duval

The lesser of the two Siegel and Shuster series to begin in New Fun #6, Henri Duval is a French nobleman fighting to protect the King at some point in history.  The king’s enemies disguise themselves as musketeers, so let’s guess that his is meant to be set at the same time as The Three Musketeers, and the king is Louis XIII.  Perhaps if the series had not ended so quickly we would have found out for certain.

Henri fights to protect the king, but is captured by the phony musketeers and imprisoned, and the series ends.  I guess Henri dies in prison.

All the Siegel and Shuster series feature a virtually identical looking hero – you really cannot tell Henri Duval from Dr. Occult, Slam Bradley or Clark Kent, except for what they are wearing.  But I have to say the art style really fails to capture the look of royalist France.


Henri Duval:  New Fun 6 (Oct 35)

More Fun 7 – 10 (Jan – May 36)

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