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King Arthur

My expectations for this series dropped pretty low when the first line proclaimed that it was set in medieval England, and even still I was disappointed.

It begins with Arthur seeking to marry Guinevere, and her father (whose name is rendered both Leodegran and Leodegram on the same page) inquiring of Arthur’s birth.  After a very tame re-telling of the Uther/Ygraine story, Arthur and Guinevere are allowed to marry, and the rest of the series follows tales of the Knights of the Round Table – again, all fairly sanitized.

We read of Gareth’s quest to become a knight, Geraint’s romance with Enid, get a barely recognizable version of the Lancelot/Elaine/Guinevere triangle.  Gawain has just be introduced when the series concludes.

It is told in the narrative style, without word balloons, but uses Gothic lettering, which only makes it difficult to read (though that may not have been a problem with freshly printed originals)

King Arthur and vast entourage would appear in a plethora of DC comics over the decades, but not receive an actual series again until the Camelot 3000 mini-series, which I will cover in the appropriate period.

King Arthur:  New Comics 3 – 8 (Feb – Sep 36)

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