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Flying Fox

The Flying Fox was Rex Darrell, pilot, “air adventurer and sky sleuth,” who wore a World War I-style flying headgear, which vaguely resembles a fox, and is probably the reason for his nickname.  His plane, one of the fastest ever built, is the Dawn Streak, and with his co-pilot Buzz Blair, Rex catches a large amount of air pirates, and assorted killers and spies as well.

There is not a huge amount for me to say about this series, largely because I am reading digital scans of microfiche, and unfortunately almost every single one of these stories is blurry, and the lettering is very small, making them nearly illegible.  The art does not help much either.  The individual people and airplanes are often well drawn, but the artist is not a storyteller, and most of the panels consist of people standing and talking, or sitting in their planes.  There are a fair number gunfights, on the ground, plane to plane, and even in the cockpit of one craft, but it doesn’t help me much in understanding what is going on.

There is a woman, Diana, in a number of the stories.  I think she is Buzz’s sister.  She works as a stewardess in one story, but it’s the test flight of a new airliner, the Dawn Arrow.  The plane gets hijacked, but she slugs the hijacker and helps save the day.  Aside from that, she is often just sort of around, or needing rescuing.  Then there is Buddy, a younger brother of the two (sheer inference on my part), but he is only in two stories.

Rex does get a recurring masked villain, Air Pirate A-X, who steals both planes and cargo.  But even aside from him, reading this series gives one the impression that most cargo flights at this time wound up crashing due to air pirates, the pilots being killed and the cargo stolen.

In his final story, Rex fails to stop Bayou Borg from taking the identity of aviation pioneer Brewster, and stealing his fortune.  Brewster’s daughter, Betty, gets Rex involved in the case, and though he does find and rescue her father, his failure to capture Borg must have been humiliating.

So I think, it being January of 1940, Rex decided to head over to England and join the R.A.F.  I think that’s what happened to every single flyer whose comic series abruptly ended at this time.


Flying Fox:  More Fun Comics  37 -38  (Nov – Dec 38),   41 – 51  (Mar 39 – Jan 40)

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