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The Three Musketeers

Finally, an adaptation of a book I know and love.  I think I have read Dumas’ novel four or five times.  It’s a shame that the art on this is so crappy, as it tells the story fairly well, though really cutting down on the sex.  And in striving to do it justice, there are occasionally panels with no illustration at all, just text to advance the plot.

D’Artagnan, a Gascon youth, comes to Paris to join the Musketeers, and after challenging, and then befriending, Athos, Porthos and Aramis gets involved in a plot to save the honour of the Queen of France (ie – concealing her affair with the Duke of Buckingham) from the machinations of Cardinal Richilieu, while falling in love with the Queen’s milliner and confidante, Constance Bonacieux.  The adaptation does not even reach the halfway point in the novel, ending just as D’Atagnan reaches Calais, before he can get to England to try to retrieve the diamond stud the Queen gave Buckingham (though Milady will already have stolen it).

Kind of a shame, not completing the tale, but with such dismal art I can’t blame them for cutting it short.

The Three Musketeers would receive a series, albeit a brief one, in DC Special in the 70’s, in conjunction with the release of the superb Richard Donner films, but I will discuss that when I reach the Bronze Age.


Three Musketeers:  More Fun  11 – 27  (July 36 – Dec 37),  29 – 36  (Feb – Oct 38)

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