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Doll Man

Doll Man debuted in the Quality Comics book Feature Comics 27, in a four page story.  His character was one of the longer running in the Golden Age, but all I’m going to talk about in this post is that one four-page story, cause it’s the only one in this era.

Darrel Dane is a young scientist, working with Professor Roberts on a shrinking serum.  The only ingredient we hear about is aqua regia, which is an acid, but Darrel decides to test in on himself, drinking it and shrinking down to 6 inches in height.  He briefly goes violently crazy, but the Professor talks him down.

The Professor’s daughter, Martha, is being blackmailed, though she doesn’t tell either her father or Darrel, her boyfriend, about it.  But Darrel suspects something is up and tags along when she goes to meet the man, and then trounces him, all while 6 inches high and wearing blue shorts.


Doll Man continues in the Early Golden Age


Doll Man:  Feature Comics 27  (Dec 39)

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