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The first of a number of classic book (public domain and therefore free) adaptations that DC would run in this period was Ivanhoe.  I have never read the original novel, but it seems to me this is a fairly accurate adaptation.  There is no use of word balloons, all the dialogue is, like the narration, in a box at the bottom of the panels – and there is waaaaay more narration than dialogue

I had no idea Robin Hood was in this story, nor Prince John, the Knights Templar or Richard the Lionheart, so I kind of enjoyed it – likely more than I would have if I was familiar with the story.  It runs for 26 instalments over 27 issues, all but the first few in two pages spreads.

Ivanhoe is rebellious youth who angers his father and fears losing the woman he loves to another man.  I had thought Ivanhoe was the name of a location, maybe a castle or something.  Boy was I wrong.

The art is very basic, but not bad.  Sometimes the strip was in black and white, sometimes in colour, and for a few issues in black and white a red.  Perhaps its just because I read digital scans of fiche reproductions of original issues, but many of the colour stories have a beautiful watercolour painting look to them.

Robin Hood himself would get a series a bit later in this period.


Ivanhoe:  New Fun 1 – 6 (Jan – Oct 35)

More Fun 7 -8 (Jan – Feb 36), 9 – 27 (May 36 – Dec 37)

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