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Oswald the Rabbit

OK, so here’s the scoop.  Although I said I was going to talk about every DC series, I have little to no interest in their funny animal or teen humour or other “funny” series.  Nutsy Squirrel, Binky and the Raccoon Kids are not going to get long entries, or frankly, any entries.

Perhaps far down the road, when I have finished covering everything I intend to cover, I will go back and add these.  In fact, being a completist, I can see that being very likely.  But it ain’t happening right now.

The only two exceptions I can think of are Scribbly and Stanley and his Monster.  Scribbly was the series in which the original Red Tornado appeared, and Stanley and his Monster were also integrated, to a degree, in the mainstream DC Universe.

But this entry is on Oswald the Rabbit, the first DC funny animal series (there were more that appeared in the first issue of New Fun, but this was the first that one encounters reading through the issue).  He is a shameful rip-off of Mickey Mouse.  He looks far more like Mickey than he does like a rabbit (not that Mickey looks particularly mouse-like himself)

And that’s all I have to say about Oswald the Rabbit


Oswald the Rabbit:  New Fun 1 – 6 (Jan – Dec 35)

More Fun 7  (Jan 36)

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