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Chuck Dawson (Early Golden Age)

Chuck Dawson‘s final three adventures are disappointing, to say the least.  The first two could be viewed as being a connected story, in both of them he vows to hunt down and capture the “gang” behind some murders at the end of the tales, but the third does not resolve this at all.

In issue 20 Chuck stumbles across a dead body on a mountain trail, and is once again accused of being the killer.  He escapes capture, but never even tries to find out who the murderer really was.  In issue 21 he is still on a mountain trail, possibly the same one, and comes across a cabin with a metis apache and a boy he claims is his son.  In fact, the metis is a bad guy (what a surprise) and the boy, Jack, has been captured and held by him.  Chuck kills the man and rides off with the boy, promising to find the boys family, as well as the rest of the metis gang, but we see him do neither.

Instead, in his final outing, Chuck yet again comes across a dead body and is accused of the murder.  This time he actually tracks down and apprehends the killer, a hired gun working for the foreman of the Slash D Ranch, who killed the fiancee of Miss Parsons, the ranch’s owner, in hopes of marrying her and taking over the ranch.

I think poor hapless Chuck wound up sticking around after this case.  Miss Parsons was now desperately in need of a ranch foreman and a boyfriend.  I could have Chuck just continue wandering aimlessly, finding dead bodies left right and centre and always being accused of murder, but I would rather have him just settle down.

Chuck Dawson:  Action Comics 20 – 22  (Jan – Mar 40)

Chuck Dawson

Chuck Dawson follows the adventures of the son of Charles Dawson, a rancher who was killed and his land stolen during a Texas Range War.  He was sent to Wyoming to grow up with his uncle, but as the series begins heads back to Texas to avenge his father’s death and regain the family lands.

As soon as he arrives in Red Gulch, trouble arises.  The sheriff wants him gone, as does Burwell, the owner of the 4-G Ranch, who now owns the disputed land.  Burwell has an awful lot of men at his command, and he just keeps sending them after Chuck.

Once the basic story is established, it develops very little.  The chapters are largely devoted to fight scenes.  They are well drawn, and there is a respectable variety in the action, but they do not result in things changing.

Along the way Chuck discovers Burwell is sending out men to take over the Diamond H Ranch, and heads there to warn them, and of course help them battle Burwell’s men.  The daughter of the rancher, Virginia, gets captured, and the foreman, Zebe, joins with Chuck to find and rescue her.

This sort of ties up with issue 14.  The Diamond H Ranch is saved, and Zebe and Virginia are re-united, but Chuck is no closer to getting vengeance or his land.

But it seems he has given up on those things.  For the last five stories in this era, all one-shots, Chuck is usually riding aimlessly, or napping in the woods, when he encounters the bad guys.  More often than not they frame him for their crimes, and he has to fight the law while going after the culprits.  By far his most impressive feat is managing to prevent the murder of a man who he had already been arrested for killing.


Chuck Dawson continues in the Early Golden Age


Chuck Dawson:  Action Comics 1 – 19  (June 38 – Dec 39)

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