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Ramblin’ Jim

This brief series is another in the Little Orphan Annie style, though with a very young boy as the protagonist.  Ramblin’ Jim appears to be no older than 5 or 6, and lives in a shack in the mountains with an old man.  He likes to exclaim “jumping jelly beans” – like Annie’s “leaping lizards”.

In the first five instalments the two of them subdue a gangster, Fishy.  And then it seems they weren’t sure where they wanted to put the series.

He next appears in New Comics, meeting a reporter, Click Allen, and the following month, back in New Fun, Jim relates his backstory to Allen.  We learn he is the son of a widowed explorer, Craig Hunter, who ran away from an abusive guardian while his father was off on a long expedition.

Almost a year later the story finally concludes, as the reporter brings Jim back to the cabin, where he discovers there was a $500 reward for the gangster he captured.  So he gets a happy ending, if not a long run.

Ramblin’ Jim:  New Fun 3 – 6 (Mar – Oct 35)

More Fun 7 – 8 (Jan – Feb 36)

New Comics 4 (Apr 36)

More Fun 10 (May 36)

New Adventure 14 (Mar 37)

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