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Marty McCann, Champion of the Navy

Marty McCann is the champion of the navy boxing tournaments, and two weeks before he is to leave the service, he and his friend Billy Buzz go to explore New York City.  They wind up at a gym, where Marty gets challenged by Whitey “Kayo”, and takes him down.  Griffin is a contender for the heavyweight championship, so people become interested in Marty.

He takes an offer to appear in a movie, fighting against another contender.  They are friends at first, until they meet the actress in the film, Hortense Martinique, whom Marty new back in his hometown as Bessie Tuttle.  Marty is offended at the boxer/actor Jeff Lewis’ advances toward Bessie, so when they fight for the movie, it’s for real, and Marty wins this one, as well.

He now has Marko,boxing organizer, gambler and gangster out to get him.  He gets fired from the movie, but makes friends with Bradley Reynolds, whose father coaches wrestlers, and who warns him about Marko.

Marty is slated for a boxing match against a wrestler, Boris the Russian.  Marko bribes Boris, who gets violent in the ring, throwing the Ref into the seats, but the lights go out and Marko fired a shot.  Boris is hit, but not badly, and the police arrest Marko.  Oddly, Marty then steps in and asks that Marko be released to his care, which the police agree to.

This ends the last chapter of the serial, and I have no doubt the humiliated Marko had Marty fitted for cement shoes before the sun fell that day.


Marty McCann:  More Fun 23 – 25  (Aug – Oct 37),  28 (Jan 38)

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