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Castaway Island

Castaway Island has a decent tale, and not bad art (I loved the aerial view of the island), and despite some troubles with character’s names, I’m sorry they ended it extremely mid-storyline.

The series opens with a captain and crew abandoning their ship in a storm, not realizing they had left two people behind.  Larry and Dot wait out the storm, and then sail the ship to a nearby island.  They are met upon landing by a friendly Scotsman, Dougal McDougald, who says things like “ye didna pick oot a verra seelect spot tay land on”, and also a gun-toting pirate, Blackface, who uses the island as his base.  I feel I need to point out that Blackface is a white guy, and no explanation is given for his peculiar nickname.

Larry and Dougal (henceforth called Mac), go exploring, but come back to find Sally gone.  That’s right, Sally.  Yes, her name was Dot at the start of the tale.  But now it’s Sally.  Deal with it.

They believe Blackface has kidnapped her, and go hunting for him.  Blackface starts shooting at them, and clever Mac convinces Larry to “draw his fire” while Mac sneaks up on him.  Larry actually does this.

But Mac and Larry just get lured into a trap by Blackface.  Sally was back on the boat, and not captured at all.  Another ship comes into the lagoon, and Blackface and his gang capture it, and its captain, Shark, while Larry and Mac are left unguarded and escape.

Shark informs Blackface of the reward Sally’s father has put out for her, $50,000 in gold.  He is clearly quite distraught after forgetting his daughter when he abandoned ship.  Blackface and Shark make plans to ransom Sally, though Blackface then tries to simply kill them.

Larry, Mac and Sally steal Shark’s schooner, but he was aboard, and armed, and he leads them to a different island, with a tribe who sacrifice white people at their sacred temple.  Blackface, upset to be left out of this, takes Larry and Sally’s boat, and follows them to the island.

Larry sails off to find the father and collect the ransom before Shark hands Sally over to be sacrificed, while Blackface arrives on the island and finds the golden idol of the natives.

And there it ends.

Not even a decent cliff-hanger I can riff off of to give it a silly ending.

And though I I have emphasized the failings of the serial, it really was more enjoyable than most of the ones I have covered so far.

Castaway Island:  New Comics 2 – 11 (Jan – Dec 36)

New Adventure  12 – 14 (Jan – Mar 37)

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