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Buckskin Jim

Buckskin Jim is a western hero who accompanies a Zebo Halliday’s wagon train on its journey west, aided by Trapper Pete.  I find it uncomfortably racist, casually referring to natives as savages and barbarians, as the whites on the wagon train cheerfully invade their land, and think nothing of killing them.  Zebo’s daughter Mary gets kidnapped by the natives, who intend to burn her at the stake, though Jim rescues her.

The last storyline involves a Metis man, Pierre, who is despised by both the whites and the natives, and always referred to as a half-breed. He is the bad guy (what a surprise), and gets killed by Buckskin Jim. Needless to say, I don’t much care for this series.

Buckskin Jim: New Fun 1 – 6 (Jan – Oct 35)

More Fun 7 – 18 (Jan 36 – Mar 37)

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