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Marg’ry Daw

Marg’ry Daw is another Little Orphan Annie take-off, although this girl is blond, and has a father.  She gets two serials.  The first isn’t bad, but the second is just awful.

In the first, her father, Luther Daw, has to go to Europe, so he leaves Marg’ry with Professor Booth, which is a very bad idea as Booth plots to have the girl kidnapped for ransom.  Marg’ry is fairly smart and observant, and Booth’s people have a harder time pulling off the kidnapping than they expect, but Dad still flies back and saves the day.

In the second serial, Luther decides he wants to spend some quality time with Marg’ry, and they take a train out west.  In Idaho, Mr. Ahm, a fellow passenger, originally from India, offers to tell their fortunes, and announces they must leave the train because it’s about the be destroyed.  They do, and the train promptly goes over a bridge which collapses.

Mr. Ahm then invites them back to his house, a veritable palace.  It is run by a crazy monk with a large statue of a talking frog.  Luther meets another man, who tells him everyone at the house is a prisoner, and they cannot leave, and then the man is shot and killed.  There is a strange legend about the seventh guest being doomed to die, and Luther is the seventh guest.  Then someone puts the giant frog statue on their head and stalks the house with a gun.  And then I screamed “what the fuck is this?”

To my relief, the series was cancelled at that point.  I imagine the editor was feeling as frustrated as I was, and the guy with the frog statue on his head just looks far too silly to be menacing.

So what ultimately happened?  I’m tempted to pass on this one, it’s such crap, but I guess Marg’ry tackles the frog guy before he shoots her dad, and he is unmasked as the crazy monk (sort of makes sense) who was also the gunman (tidy) doing this all just cause he’s crazy (as good as other explanations from the era)


Marg’ry Daw:  More Fun Comics  32 – 35 (June – Sep 38),  42 – 46  (Apr – Aug 39)

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