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Little Linda

Little Linda is a blatant rip-off of Little Orphan Annie, although her hair is blonde and wavy.  A poor orphan, Linda saves a young boy who has been abandoned by his wealthy uncle in her first few appearances,  convinces a policeman not to arrest a starving hobo, and then winds up in the hands of bank robbers who get machine gunned (in gruesome detail) right in front of her.  The police take her to Silas Flint, the mayor of Hillsdale, who adopts her solely to annoy his wastrel nephew.

The nephew gets hoods to kidnap Linda, but regrets his actions and gets shot rescuing her, repents of his ways and becomes a federal agent.  Silas, meanwhile, has decided he genuinely cares for Linda, which is a good thing as her abusive and never-before mentioned step-mother promptly shows up.  Silas decides to flee to South America with Linda, but winds up on a boat with gun smugglers.  After the nephew (whose name I did not write down and cannot be bothered to look up) captures the smugglers on his very first case as a G-Man, Linda feels she has caused Silas nothing but trouble, and runs away.

She winds up in a logging camp, and becomes their cook, just in time for a movie company to show up, with spoiled starlet Yvonne Darling.  Need I mention Yvonne and Linda look very similar?  After Yvonne refuses to do a scene that involves falling into an icy river with a strong current just above a waterfall (smart kid), the crew dye Linda’s hair black to match Yvonne’s and film the scene with her.  Of course, she nearly dies, but is rescued, and the director decides to bring Linda back to Hollywood, and the series ends.

I am thinking that once she is back in Hollywood she becomes a stunt girl, as she will do ridiculously dangerous scenes.  One stunt probably goes very wrong and Linda dies a grizzly death.

Little Linda: New Fun 2 – 6 (Feb – Oct 35)

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