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Slim Pickens

Slim Pickens is a light-hearted, though short lived, serial.  It opens with Slim leaving town, heading for Gloomville to settle his dead aunt’s estate.  The people of Gloomville believe her house is haunted, and Slim is terrified of the spooky things he sees, but it all turns out to be a combination of counterfeiters scaring away unwanted intruders, and an escaped carnival ape causing havoc.  The ape takes a shine to Slim, and helps him capture the counterfeiters.  Slim tries to get rid of the ape, but then learns there is a $100 reward for his return, and brings him back to the carnival he came from.  The ape gives Slim a farewell kiss, and Colonel Fink, his owner, pays Slim $25 extra because of that.  Guess the Colonel was really turned on, maybe hoping for some hot ape action himself.


Slim Pickens: New Fun 5 – 6 (Aug – Oct 35)

More Fun 7 – 10 (Jan – May 36)

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