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The Vikings

This serial starts off feeling like a Norse myth, and ends, mid-storyline, feeling like the set-up for a Greek tragedy.

It opens with viking maiden Sungrid falling in love with King Harald.  Harald takes off and Sungrid gives birth to his son.  Her father, Hagbard, is very upset and wants the child put to death.  Considering that Harald never comes back into the tale, Hagbard is likely justified in his anger, but Sungrid spends her time pining for him, while Kol, the wise man, seeing signs indicating Odin’s favour on the boy, chooses to raise him as his own, and names him Ivar.

The vikings are raided by the Bear-Sark people, who abduct Sungrid.  Ivar grows up, and when the Bear-Sark people attack again, Kol is killed, and chooses Ivar to take his place as king.

But wait, I though Harald was king?  Well, considering that Sungrid’s name is sometimes given as Sigrid, and another character, Thorgen, is sometimes Torgen, it seems the writer was not hugely concerned with continuity.  Or with grammar.  At one point the narration states “the shore of Greenland are in sight.”

Which prompts me to mention that this series is told like the novel adaptations, with panels of art and narration below them, instead of word balloon dialogue.

OK, so back to the tale.  Ivar battles Haal to secure the throne, and then leads his vikings to attack the Bear-Sark people.  The battle does not go well at the start, Ivar gets captured and almost executed, but Sungrid, unaware that this is her son, saves his life.  For her troubles, the vikings steal her back when they leave.  Their ship crashes on a mysterious land, and Ivar and Sungrid get captured again, this time by druids.  Once again they escape and head back to Norway.

As this all enfolds, Ivar and Sungrid fall in love, unaware that they are mother and son.  The story ends with them preparing to wed when they return to Norway.  As no one seems to recognize Sungrid (and Ivar takes the MILF idea to new levels), we can only assume they married and had hideously deformed children.

The Vikings:  New Comics 1 – 11 (Dec 35 – Dec 36)

New Adventure 12 – 22 (Jan 37 – Dec 37)

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