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Inspector Kent of Scotland Yard

Each of Inspector Kent’s three stories pits him against The Raven, a master thief and disguise artist, working with a military organization on some huge nefarious but ill-defined plan.  The Raven starts by stealing an invisibility ray, then slums to steal a jeweled necklace before acquiring the valuable Volker Plans, which could start a war.

Kent really doesn’t do that impressive a job.  He is saved from being shot by the Raven by the man he falsely accused in the first chapter, takes too long to realize the Raven is impersonating his partner, Sergeant Willy Wiggbert, in the second, and fails to even be in the same place with him in the third, though he does retrieve the plans and kill the other members of the military group.

I would expect after three failures Kent was taken off the case, and re-assigned to less demanding duties.


Inspector Kent:  Detective Comics  19  (Sep 38),  22  (Dec 38)

Adventure Comics 38  (May 39)

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