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Along the Main Line

This series features two engineers for the Red Island Railroad, Ed and Jake.  Their first five stories are all simply one-issue long, most only one page long.  Despite a strong start, in which they get a derailed boxcar off the tracks before an express train collides with it, they are more likely to have adventures along the lines of milking a goat so a woman can get milk for her baby.  Yes, that happens.  That’s the whole story.

With issue 9 a serial begins that continues through to the end of the run.  Ed and Jake are captured at a station, forced to use the telegraph to pass a message to bank robbers, tied up and thrown in a cave.  They escape before the dynamite in the cave explodes, but fail to stop the robbery.  When they go to the owner of the railroad, they get fired, but they are surprised that he knows about the robbery so quickly after it happened.

So Ed and Jake set out to clear their names, and get a federal agent, Malvern, working with them.  The story winds up with a fairly exciting chase with two trains and a biplane involved.  They capture two gunmen, but the main bad guy, Slick Carter, still gets away.  The fed follows them to a tramp steamer, and joins them, but Ed and Jake have been left behind on shore.  As the series ends at this point, it seems poor Ed and Jake do not get their jobs back, and do not even get to be around to see what happens when Malvern confronts Slick Carter.  Maybe Malvern should have had a series instead of Ed and Jake.


Along the Main Line:  New Fun 5 – 6 (Aug – Oct 35)

More Fun  7 – 19 (Jan 36 – Mar 37)

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