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Maginnis of the Mounties

Constable Dan Maginnis of the Mounties is sent undercover to aid trappers whose traps are being raided.  This means he is only in his dress reds for the first two panels of the first instalment.  He is sent to “St. Pierre country.”  I have no idea where this is, but it gets repeated three times, and is defined as the area beyond the St. Pierre River, so perhaps the author had some actual location in mind.  The people he goes to help, Dubois and his daughter Yvonne, are both French so I’m thinking northern Quebec.

There is little point to his being undercover, as the raiders, Kenyon and Barton, somehow know he is a constable, and attack him and Dubois immediately.  After getting the worst in a fist fight, they shoot the old man, and then get into a shoot out with the mountie, and also gun-toting Yvonne.  They capture Yvonne. Dan makes sure Dubois has food and firewood, and leaves the wounded man to track them.  He finds their cabin, but they capture him, tie him and Yvonne up, and set fire to the cabin.

Maginnis impressively sticks his bound feet into the fire, holding them there until the rope burns and he can free himself, and Yvonne.  They escape the cabin, but the burning building has started a forest fire, which traps them, and the bad guys.  Maginnis captures them (which isn’t too hard since they have been overcome by smoke), leaves Yvonne to guard them at gunpoint, and heads back to get Dubois and bring him to safety, hoping that he hasn’t burned or suffocated by now.

And the story ends here.  It clearly was not intended to, but remarkably this interrupted serial  gets a happy ending.


Maginnis of the Mounties:  New Comics 4 – 11  (Apr – Dec 36)

New Adventure Comics 12 (Jan 37)

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