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Wiley of West Point (Early Golden Age)

Wiley of West Point concludes after only three more chapters.  Wiley’s court-martial is overturned after he is exonerated by the Lubanians, and he faces off against Baxter in the boxing championship.  Betty arrives to see him victorious, but at the party afterwards she runs into Sylvia King, who Wiley has been seeing since his arrival at West Point.

At the conclusion, Betty has been dancing and flirting with another cadet, Sneed, while Wiley makes a super lame explanation to Sylvia about his past relationship with Betty.  I kind of hope that Sylvia took his explanation at face value and went back to dating Baxter, while Betty found true love with Sneed and two-timing Wiley was left on his own.

But then, a few months down the road, Wiley would have been shipped out to battle in World War 2, so maybe I don’t wish him all bad luck.

Wiley of West Point:  All-American 10 – 12 (Jan – Mar 40)

Wiley of West Point

This series was written by Lieutenant Richard Rick, and has the earmarks of authenticity.  In fact, it may be a bit too authentic for its own good, as much of it consists of the hassles of basic training, and Wiley’s rivalry with fellow cadet Baxter.  The series decreased in page count with issue 5, dropping to two pages from four, which certainly did not help speed up the action.

Bob Wiley is accepted at West Point, but right from his arrival keeps getting into trouble.  Not necessarily big trouble.  One issue ends with a captain yelling “Report Mr. Wiley for a loose button!”, which prompts the narration to comment “see what happens to Wiley next month!”  So we aren’t really dealing with high drama here.

Now to be fair, foreign spies replace dummy ammo with real stuff before a war game, though there are no actual injuries, and a delegation from Lubania plans to spy on West Point during their tour of the facility.  Wiley gets accused of tinkering with the ammo, and after spraying the Lubanian delegation with water (intended as a prank on another cadet), Wiley is brought up to be court-martialled.

We get to see his mother and his high school sweetheart, Betty Bailey, react with horror to the news of the court-martial.  Betty’s appearance is a bit of a surprise, as Wiley has been in a light romantic triangle with Sylvia King and Baxter.

Wiley of West Point continues in the Early Golden Age

Wiley of West Point:  All-American 1 – 9  (Apr – Dec 39)

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