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Gary Hawkes

Gary Hawkes is introduced as a freelance pilot, a test pilot and a flight instructor, and despite the short duration of his run, we do see him in all of these roles.  Sadly, this is another forgettable series, buried in the middle of the book, with unexceptional art.

Most of Gary Hawkes`stories are one or two parters, and he has no supporting cast for most of his run.  He does get a co-pilot, Buzz Scott, for his last three stories.  Gery spends two issues helping overthrow the dictator of San Columbo, a central american country, and then returns there shortly before the end of his run, preventing an invasion from neighbouring Vulcania.

He saves a wealthy girl from being kidnapped, prevents the theft of an alaskan gold mine, solves a murder during the filming of a movie about airplanes, and even breaks up a mexican-texan drug smuggling ring, which pits him against his most powerful enemy, Yagoda, an oriental-hispanic mastermind (and not racist in conception at all, oh no.)

As Gary`s series ends in the summer of 1939, I would guess Gary left for England and joined the R.A.F, but the fact that we never hear anything more about would indicate that he did not survive the war.



Gary Hawkes:  More Fun Comics  36 – 46  (Oct 38 – Aug 39)

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