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Buzz Brown

Buzz Brown is an odd, and extremely brief, series about the son of an alaskan fur trader and his inuit wife.  Before the story begins, Buzz has stowed away on a ship to China, been discovered and tossed overboard, so we first meet him splashing around in the sea, about to drown.

He gets rescued by Sandy MacDonald, the tall muscular blond guy who has been the centre of the tale until Buzz floats by, and who really remains the lead role.  They get caught in a storm, and Buzz does get to rescue Sandy after he is washed overboard, but  then they float around on their overturned boat until rescued by Captain Scudd, a pirate and rum runner.  His crew is planning to mutiny, and they make Sandy their leader, while the Captain keeps Buzz around threatening to kill him if his crew rebels.

At the climax of the second, and final, instalment, Buzz breaks free from the Captain, joining Sandy and the other mutineers on deck, while the Captain gets out his machine gun and starts spraying them with bullets.  It’s fairly clear why there is no third chapter, cause the guys standing around on deck with nowhere to hide have all just been slaughtered, Buzz and Sandy among them.

The intro claims Buzz is the “Deck’s Bad Boy,” as if this phrase is supposed to hold meaning.  I hope it did in 1938, it’s mystifying to me.


Buzz Brown:  More Fun Comics 30 -31  (Apr – May 38)

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