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Wing Walker

Wing Walker is a serial that follows “a test pilot grounded on trumped up charges”, though we never learn anything further about that.  The art has a certain flair, but the story is really poorly written.  The art and story are by Thor.  Sadly, I do not think the Norse god himself actually had any hand in this, just someone riding on his coat tails.

Wing gets forced into flying a plane to Panama by the Sons of the Red Cormorant.  They appear to be a gang, though the name implies something more like a foreign cult.

Another gang (at one point called an “airplane gang”) called the Nippers are pursuing them, and Wing makes the Cormorant gang think they have shot down the plane he is flying.  Wing makes a good landing in the Florida Everglades, which really is quite a remarkable thing to pull off, when you think about it.

Down in the glades, he comes across a white girl who has been kidnapped by Seminoles.  Wing gets the two gangs to fight, and tries to escape with the girl, getting her into one of the planes, but one of the members of one of the gangs gets into the plane and flies it away, with a Seminole hanging on the wing of the plane.  Wing takes the other plane, also with a Seminole on the wing.  They are all flying back to New York, but as the series is cancelled, they never get there.

And I can’t even be bothered to make up an ending for this.  I hope the Seminoles win somehow.

The series is done in the narration style, rather than having word balloons, but is notable for having, I believe, the first sound effect in a DC Comic (at least the first one I have noticed).  Wing fires a machine gun at some hoods, and the narration has the word “WANGO.”

I was not aware that machine guns made a “wango” sound, but maybe it’s a Red Cormorant/Nipper thing.

Wing Walker:  New Comics 1 – 3 (Dec 35 – Feb 36)

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