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There is not a lot to say about the remainder of King Carter’s series, which only runs four more stories.  The art is dreadful, and the writing no better.  It seem King and his boytoy, er, sidekick, Red work as newsreel cameramen.  Not that we ever see them take newsreel footage of anything, but they complain a lot about losing their cameras.

In their final story, Red refers to King quitting his job as a newsreel cameraman.  I suspect King lied to the boy, and he got fired for losing all his cameras.  But King can still afford to take Red to Africa on vacation, where King kills a very goofy looking python, and battles pirates who have kidnapped an American girl.  Red is the big hero in this last story, discovering that apes will follow him as their leader.

I was pleased that this last story avoided the racism prevalent in the series.  In More Fun 51 King refers to south sea islanders as “dizzy” for having their own religion.

With no job to go back to, I believe King and Red stay in Africa, where King starts making movies of Red and his ape “brothers”.  What kind of movies?  Disney or triple x?  I leave that up to you.



King Carter:  More Fun Comics 51-54  (Jan – Apr 1940)


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