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Cosmo, the Phantom of Disguise gets only three stories in this era,  none of them very exciting.  He is in disguise for two of the three, which keeps to his normal ratio.  As before, we learn nothing personal about him, and so never do find out if Cosmo is a first or last name.

Issue 35 sees Cosmo in disguise as a homeless man as he tracks down a killer who escaped prison by faking death by using “oriental suspended animation” skills, and then in 36 he heads out to Arizona to solve a case of missing cattle, which turns into murder.  He pretends to be an artist in this one, but adopts no disguise, and really doesn’t even put much effort into the artist ploy – we never see him paint of draw or anything.

In his final story he goes undercover as a sailor on the Sea Swan, investigating a series of ships that have gone  missing while crossing the Atlantic.  It turns out the vice-president of the line is selling these ships and their cargo to the Nazis.  Some of the crew are in on the scam, and lead a mutiny, then turn the ship over to the Germans, who arrive in a u-boat.  Cosmo infiltrates the mutineers and ruins their plans, and when the u-boat surfaces, Cosmo and Captain Barker have it shot at, blowing it up.

They stand on deck rejoicing over their victory, but I think this is short-lived.  The sub would certainly have been in contact with the rest of the fleet – more than one sub would be needed to deal with the ship and its crew and prisoners.  I fear that though they blew up one sub, there were more around, and the Sea Swan was torpedoed and sunk, killing Cosmo and all the others aboard.

Cosmo, the Phantom of Disguise: Detective Comics  35 – 37  (Jan – Mar 40)

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