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The Wizard

This post is shameful.  The Wizard was the first of the MLJ line of heroes, debuting in Top-Notch Comics1.  I have not read it.  I have not found any issues of Top-Notch.  I am looking, believe you me.

I could wiki him, and pretend I got the information from reading his series, but aside from being cheating, as I saw with Blue Beetle, a first appearance can be very different than a second one.

So this entry is a place-holder for the character, and when I do finally get to read Top-Notch 1, I will write it up here.

MLJ, by the way, created a line of heroes in the 1940s that bounced around over the years with a number of revivals.  DC has twice attempted to use them as part of their line since acquiring them, but neither attempt really caught on.  MLJ continues to this day, but has changed its name to that of its most successful and longest running series, Archie Comics.

Leaving the rest of that, but now I have read the first issue of Top-Notch Comics, which is almost entirely background on the character.

Blaine Whitney is the great-great-grandson of one of George Washington’s aides, and we get almost two solid pages detailing various ancestors who fought in the various wars the US was part of.  Blaine himself was a child prodigy, inventing a liquid that could melt metal when he was only a teenager, and also devising a super-fast car, which can go 300 miles an hour, and which he still drives.

Blaine is considered to have “the greatest brain power on earth,” by which they mean he is really really smart.  Not telekinetic or anything though.

Blaine lives in a posh Park Avenue apartment with his butler Jeeves, and pretends to just be a society playboy, but undertakes missions in conjunction with his brother, Grover, who is the Chief of Naval Intelligence.

As The Wizard Blaine wears a blue suit with a white cape and red mask.  The costume, along with the name The Wizard, certainly makes one expect something along the lines of Zatara, rather than an inventor.


The Wizard continues in the Early Golden Age, and I sure hope I have read some of his stories by the time I reach him.

The Wizard: Top-Notch Comics 1  (Dec 39)

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  1. All top-notch comics are on digitalcomicmuseum.com. BTW I love your blog as I am also currently reading all these old comics.

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