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Biff Bronson

Biff Bronson is a series with very good art, but stories that fail to match the art’s quality.  Part of the problem is that we never learn anything about Biff.  He travels around with his sidekick Dan Druff, capturing murderers and jewel thieves, but has no profession that we can see.

In issue 46 he is hired to keep watch on the man carrying the Matchwell Pearls to the “Royal Museum” in England, but the man gets murdered anyway, so he isn’t very good at that.  No problem, the next issue the gems were called the Kashmere Pearls, so I doubt anyone was paying enough attention to get mad at Biff.

As one might expect with the name Biff Bronson, our hero is a fist-fighter, not afraid to put up his dukes when someone else pulls a gun.

In the first story, Biff mentions an ailing mother, and in the second he and Dan are “out west,” after putting her in a sanitorium, which I’m thinking is just a scary name for a retirement home.  They head to Mexico after that, and kill a bandit leader.

The adventures themselves are straightforward, and this could be a much better series, if only we knew something about the main character.

Biff Bronson continues in the Early Golden Age

Biff Bronson:  More Fun Comics  43 – 50  (May – Dec 39)


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