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Bobby Thatcher

The only one of the series debuting in All-American #1 that did not even last a year, Bobby Thatcher is a remarkably uninteresting strip about a young boy and his two friends, Tubby Butler and Elmer.  They go on an overnight campout to Gardener’s Island, get caught in a storm, and take refuge in an old abandoned house.

They find a treasure map in the house, though they lose part of it, and also discover an old man, who is also hunting for the treasure.

After a day in school, during which they fantasize about how they would spend their riches, they return to the island, but get captured by the mysterious man.  They escape, but their boat gets capsized on it’s way back to land.  They survive.

And that’s it.  Wow.  They failed to find buried treasure.  Someone wake me when it’s over.


Bobby Thatcher:  All-American 1 – 7  (Apr – Oct 39)


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