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The Masked Ranger

Ok, so this is obviously based on the Lone Ranger. The first of three new series added to More Fun Comics this month, big things were clearly expected of the Masked Ranger – he was given the lead slot in the book – but there was no originality here, nothing worth enjoying.

For one thing, at no point do we ever see him without the mask, or get any idea of why he might want to wear one.  He is simply a nameless masked man with no motivation, who helps people out.  Without any backstory, his two 3-parters just fade into a blur of generic western heroes.

OK, sure, his horse’s name is Star and his buddy is Pedro, but that’s the extent of background or characterization here.

From issues 36 -38 he helps the Whitcomb girls keep their inheritance despite the machinations of their uncle, and in issues 39 -41 he goes in disguise as Steve Delaney to mess up Delaney`s murder plan, but neither story really holds the reader, and it is not a surprise at all that after six appearances the Masked Ranger was quietly retired.


Masked Ranger:  More Fun Comics  36 – 41  (Oct 38 – Mar 39)


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