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Another adaptation of a classic novel I have not read. This is well told, but the art is really pretty awful.  There are only two good panels in the entire run, both of the title character.  The first is in issue 14, the first time we (and the main characters) meet her, and despite being shown completely wrapped in robes, she looks pretty naked.  In issue 18 we see her without the robes for the first time – not nearly as naked looking, which is odd.

Perhaps because She was originally a magazine serial, it fits this format much better than many of the other adaptations that have been run.

The story follows three men, one of whom was orphaned, but left a chest with a scarab ring and relics pertaining to his lineage.  Following the trail of this, they head to Africa and encounter a two thousand year old woman of ethereal beauty, who lives in an elaborate series of caverns in a mountain, around the ruins of the city of Kor.  The orphan, Leo, is the descendant of her long dead lover Kallikrates, and She believes him to be Kallikrates reincarnated.  It is primarily an adnventure story, but there seems to be more depth to it than usual, with themes of love and sacrifice that make me suspect the novel would really be worth reading.


She: New Comics 6 – 11 (July – Dec 36)

New Adventure Comics 12 (Jan 37), 14 – 22  (Mar – Dec 37)


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