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Loco Luke

Loco Luke has the dubious honour of being the first DC series to be dropped, appearing in only the first three issues of New Fun Comics.  So it really only ran a grand total of three pages.

The art is actually much better than most of the other series.  Loco Luke is a western “hero”, I suppose, though all he does is get robbed and stripped by Black Dan and then captured by natives who decide to kill him.

As with many of the other series I am discussing right now, the strip ends mid-storyline, so I guess they just did kill him and he didn’t manage to escape.

Why he is called “Loco” is a mystery.  The poor guy never does anything crazy.  He never does much of anything – he isn’t even conscious for much of the second instalment.


Loco Luke:  New Fun 1 – 3 (Jan – Mar 35)


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