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about to begin

Hello to absolutely no one!


Ive done nothing with this blog, so I cannot imagine anyone will see this post today, but in the future, who knows?


I am about to start really using this – in a comprehensive total comic geek way I can only dream of (except that Im actually doing it)


I am going to go through every single DC series, making notes and observations about them all.  I am going to do it by periods – so, for example, Superman will be broken up, and discussed period by period, rather than as one exceptionally long section.


Im starting at the very beginning, talking about the series that ran in Adventure and More Fun, the totally obscure ones that no one cares about, and working my way forward. How long will this take?  Who cares.


The first period I call the Dawn of Comics, and it goes from 1935 up to December 1939 – ending just before the publication date of Flash Comics #1 – but my next entry will define all of that in more detail.


Are you excited?  Im excited.

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  1. thanks for this good material. I’m close to start reading the oldest DC comics and looking for helping information I get your blog. I’m reading you from Argentina, greetings

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